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In a busy corporate environment, mindfulness training positively impacts the wellbeing, productivity, and focus of employees.  Research in neuroscience shows that mindfulness training changes the neural pathways in the brain that effect happiness, a sense of connection and resiliency.   Today, many successful companies including Google, Facebook, LindkedIn, Medtronic and Proctor and Gamble are making mindfulness training available to their employees with results that are positive and far reaching.

I teach an introduction to mindfulness meditation – a secular and highly effective method to increase awareness and focus.  In a one hour session, you will learn the latest research and the benefits, learn a method that can be practiced anywhere and learn strategies to decrease reactivity and increase the ability to respond to life’s challenges effectively.

If you are interested in increasing professional performance for your team and learning tools to responding to the daily challenges of professional life with focused awareness and calm, this course is for you.

Please contact me at jennifrye@gmail.com for more information.workplace meditation