Celebrate halloween by spending a few moments in corpse pose

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Savasana, also known as corpse pose, is one of my all time favorite poses.  It’s typically done after a full yoga practice and it is the opportunity for your body to rest deeply and absorb all the benefits of your yoga practice.  But, there are many more benefits from this pose than just a post-yoga snooze.

Savasana can be used as a way to rejuvenate your body and an opportunity to listen to what your body really needs.  So much of our time is spent rushing around, or even sitting up and gazing at the computer screen (ahem).  With the endless amount of doing, and not much time spent in simply “being” it becomes easy to ignore the signals our bodies are giving us, moment to moment to moment.

Have you ever run yourself ragged and subsequently experience a dramatic feeling of exhaustion or illness?  This is partly due to ignoring the information that your body is giving you.  Perhaps, instead of more caffeine, sugar or stimulation from television, computers, etc. your body might need more water, whole foods and a detox from technology.

But, like I always try to encourage…small steps.  Savasana is one small way to put the brakes on your busy schedule, tune in to your beautiful body and let go of any stress.  Find a soothing song you like; maybe five minutes in length.  Lie down on your back, on a mat or blanket on the floor.  Let your feet roll out to the sides (to relax the hips more deeply).  Face your palms up towards the ceiling (to relax the shoulders more deeply).  Close your eyes and relax the muscles around the eyes, the forehead and the jaw.  Let your whole body rest deeply into the floor and let go completely.  After five minutes (or the end of your soothing song), roll onto your right side and stay there for a few breaths.  Slowly make your way up to a seated position and stay here for a few more breaths with the eyes closed, resting for just a few more moments in this feeling of stillness.

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