Resistance is futile

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Lately, I’ve been playing with the mantra, “Resistance is futile” (coined by a very wise Borg from the show, “Star Trek”).

In physics, “the path of least resistance” describes the physical pathway that objects take moving through a system, like water flowing downhill. In human behavior, the path of least resistance can be used to describe taking a softer approach or the easiest way.

When I’m disagreeing with a loved one, sometimes I notice a strong reaction arising and I can just be the witness to the feelings (consciousness).  However, sometimes, the reaction arises and I don’t even notice it (unconsciousness).  These are the moments when disagreements turn into heated debates with a lot of emotion, little thoughtfulness and a crappy outcome.

I used to struggle with the idea of taking the path of least resistance and think that if I didn’t react strongly to a situation (for example, “fighting” for my right or “holding” my ground), it meant I wasn’t standing up for myself and just being a doormat.  My meditation practice teaches me that the path of least resistance doesn’t mean just rolling over and playing dead or giving up. It means still taking action, stating my points clearly and mindfully, and leaving out all that other verbal baggage that can be unconsciously added to a disagreement.  When I can take action consciously, I can let go of the “fighting” for something I want and the outcome is always better.  

This is just one of the many benefits of our regular meditation practice.  By “being the witness” in our meditation practice, we are practicing for the little and big challenges in life.  The more we can develop our own consciousness during our meditation practice, the easier life flows, and the better we will get along with Borgs.


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