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“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor E. Frankl

Welcome to wellbalanced.me.  My name is Jennifer Frye.  I am a California grown yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher living in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.  I have a passion for teaching yoga and mindfulness and helping people cultivate stillness in their daily lives.  My intention as a yoga and mindfulness teacher is to bring more awareness, inner calm and wellbeing into everyday life.

The practice of yoga and mindfulness is the practice of being conscious.  When we move through our daily lives with more awareness and consciousness, we naturally return to a state of balance, peace and our true selves.  Just the simple act of bringing attention to the body, the breath and the state of the mind, we become more aware of ourselves, our communities, our environment and our world.


Sign up for my next A Course In Mindfulness – April 11, 2016; a 6 week course which will give you a strong foundation in Mindfulness Meditation and help you develop a regular practice. Space is limited.

Please join Lisa Ammann Birthistle and me for our Spring and Autumn Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation retreats in 2016.  These retreats are designed to help you unplug, feel a sense of renewal and give you tools in mindfulness that will help keep you balanced in your day to day life.  Space is limited.  Please click on the following link to access the sign up sheet:

Autumn Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat 2016

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